If you're looking for girls who know how to balance a busy schedule and busier social life, Alpha Chi is the perfect sorority. Together, Alpha Chis take on Chapel Hill. These girls can be seen all over, whether it's cheering on the Tar Heels to win at Top of the Hill, singing karaoke at He's Not Here, or just hanging out with friends at another Greek organization. Social functions and sisterhood events are two very exciting parts of our sorority and also two unique aspects of the college experience.

Alpha Chis love to attend themed mixers and quads with other Greeks, and there are typically 2 to 3 events scheduled each month. A mixer is a function held with another fraternity at UNC. Generally, mixers are themed and a great way to meet new people and hang out with friends. Some of our past themes have been "Space Jam" and "Hit Me 80's One More Time."

In addition to mixers, we have a cocktail, or date function, scheduled every month. Our Tacky Holiday cocktail is a favorite of many, but Hayride is one of the highlights of the year. Hayride occurs every fall, and most Alpha Chis count down to the cocktail every year. On a more upscale note, we enjoy having our Spring Formal at the Carolina Inn. At Alpha Chi, no matter what your plans may be, there is always someone there to join the fun. 

Throughout the year, we plan special trips and outings where the members of Alpha Chi Omega can spend more time with each other. These events are a great way for us to bond with the members of our chapter and have a little fun! Each fall, the new members go on a retreat to Busch Gardens at Williamsburg for a weekend of bonding with their new member class. Additionally, there are two whole house retreats each semester along with events planned closer to home. This past year, we went to Charleston, SC for the retreat and had sisterhood events including hiking and taking a boxing class together, just to name a few!